Switching Interface Module

Full Size Switching Interface Module


Latching 2 Pole Contactor

What it is

The Switching Interface Module (SIM) is an electronic module that provides a LATCHING double pole, double position switch (DPDT Relay) that is activated by trains as they pass over sensors in the track. The Switching Interface Module (SIM) is a replacement for the LGB 12010 (EPL Switch Motor) and 12030 (supplementary Switch for EPL switch) combination for LGB EPL systems. (Formerly identified as LGB 1201 and 1203.) Note that the SIM has no turnout control, only contact switching. (voltages)

The Switching Interface Module (SIM) requires a power source of 6 to 30 volts AC or DC and can switch up to 4A at 250VAC. (60 watts, 125VA)

Typically the input voltage would be attached to your accessores output (usually 18VAC), or from a 6 to 12 volt AC or DC "wall wart", or you can tap from the track anywhere on your layout.

What it Can Do

  • Can easily perform block control for multiple trains sharing a common track.

  • Can easily control a Reversing Loops track configuration.

  • Can turn trackside accessories ON and OFF as trains go by. (Station sound effects, crossing lights, etc...)

  • Can control RED/GREEN signal lights as trains go by.

  • Consumes micro-power when not actually switching.

  • Sealed gold-plated switch contacts allow up to 50,000 switch operations.

  • Capacitive-discharge system allows trains to park on sensors.

  • For more info search RR Concepts in youtube, or check out this video.