Guajome Creek Railroad

The Guajome Creek Railway

Circa 1995, before digital photographs were the norm.

Featured in the 1996 "LGB by the Sea" convention video

(Pronounced "Gua-HO-me". A Native American name, and the name of the nearby lake.)
The GCR is owned an operated by Curtis Roecks. (rhymes with folks) It is a large scale outdoor railway with over 200 feet of track. All of the track is hand laid with redwood ties and aluminum rails. (Each tie has 4 nails holding down the track) The vegetation and wildlife are REAL. Lighting is done by the SUN. All of the track has power. (How ELSE can you run trains automatically?)

Click me to see how these trains are automated The GCR travels around two lakes, a desert, and a mountainous region. The GCR is the proving ground and was the inspiration for the StationMaster train decelerator from RR Concepts.

This railroad allows two trains to travel around the layout, with one train passing the other one at the siding.
This is a REAL passing siding, where one train is stopped at the station, and the other train PASSES BY on the other siding. After this train has traveled some distance, the stopped train accelerates and follows the first train. TWO trains are now traveling at the same time!

Each train will stop at two stations on their travels through the countryside. (Gracefully decelerating and accelerating, of course!) And best of all, the entire operation is fully automatic. This lets me entertain my guests, or soak away the day's troubles in the hot tub as the trains carry out their duties.

This railway was featured on the 1996 LGBMRRC Convention Garden Railways tour, and can be viewed in the "LGB BY THE SEA" official convention video production produced by Broadcast Images, Inc.

Approaching the Water Tower at Black Widow.

At the working RR Crossing

Crossing the trestle on a warm summer evening.

Arriving at the Freight Station.

At the freight station. Note the flashing crossing light. Bells are ringing inside the station.

Waiting for the working signal light.

Burning the midnight oil at Roecks Railroad Concepts' track-side offices.

On the low trestle.

A freight train passing by Black Widow tower.

Note the road in the foreground. There are over 400 living cacti!

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